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unipont 2.0

The first and only online linguistic e-learning platform for all the members of the Pontifical University community. UNIPONT is the result of a partnership between Rosetta Stone© and ProLingua International


From September 2019 the newest version of Rosetta Stone, Catalyst 2.0, comes into force:

a single platform to access all language levels by purchasing only one license (instead of two). Among the many advantages: Flash free, offline use, completely mobile friendly, with the possibility to change language and level, etc.

via internet 24/7

from anywhere in the world

on PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone

your learning according to your own rhythm

one or more languages in very favourable conditions

(up to 24 languages available)

your level with a uniform certificate based on CEFR 

Studying a language online was such a great fun for me.

It's a very efficient system: you can flexible in organising your own study times and you don't have to spend much money.

This method is particularly beneficial for those who require flexibility in their schedule and are money conscious.

Sr.Quitéria Rosa  - Italian online course